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The term 'psychotherapy' is derived from Ancient Greek, meaning ‘breath, spirit and soul’.  Therefore, Mindfulness and over 1000 other forms of psychotherapy have been around far longer than many of us realise.  Psychotherapy aims to improve an individual's wellbeing and mental health to resolve unhelpful behaviours, beliefs, compulsions, thoughts and emotions.
The original term 'counselling' was used to describe Carl Rogers’ (psychiatrist and psychologist) founder of ‘Person Centred Counselling’ way of working with a client where the work is ‘client-led’ and the counsellor is non-directive. 
In relationship/couples counselling I find I am more of a facilitator than in one-to-one counselling and psychotherapy. I encourage an open discussion between the couple without judging, taking sides or taking over.
Family Therapy aims to help family members to engage with each other or individually with the counsellor/psychotherapist.  Each person is treated with respect and given time to talk if they want to. Pre-verbal or non-verbal children can attend sessions.  Obviously, every family is unique and  therefore I cater for each family accordingly and appropriately.
Horses are genuine, they live in the moment and their prey oriented fight or flight responses to the environment mean they read each other's and human body language instantly.  They think, feel and behave in the here and now, something we can learn valuable lessons from.
Reiki is a healing system whereby hands-on healing helps the mind, body and soul become balanced and harmonised in all aspects of the person's body, mind, emotions and spirit. It encourages personal and spiritual awareness and growth. 
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